CUT TO THE CHASE: SURGERY CONFERENCE TACKLES GOV’T FINDINGS Groundbreaking Expo Holds Live Debates on New Recommendations

 London – 24 April, 2013 – A first-of-its-kind scientific conference bringing together the historically disparate arenas of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery as well as the non-surgical sector welcomed today’s review by Sir Bruce Keogh. Organisers of the Clinical Cosmetic and Reconstructive Expo ( announce today that ‘live theatre debates’ will be taking place at the event, for key players of the industry to determine and discuss the real implications of the Government’s report.

CCR had previously published a survey among clinicians including doctors, surgeons and nurses which highlighted many of the industry’s concerns, all of which were reflected accurately in Sir Bruce Keogh’s report.

Consultant plastic surgeon and Chairman of the Expo’s Medical Advisory Board is Norman Waterhouse, who is also former President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). He was also part of the Committee which gave previous recommendations to the Chief Medical Officer in 2005: 

“We’re pleased to see that so many of the concerns that have been raised by our sector have been taken up by the Government - and we hope that these recommendations actually become statutory soon. The subjects explored in the report and at our conference are of paramount importance to professionals, which is why we have chosen to explore them in depth in a series of no-holds-barred debates"

Themes that have been earmarked for discussion for the hundreds of attendees (which include cosmetic doctors, reconstructive surgeons, nurses and other clinicians) include:

- PIP implant scandal – could there be a repeat?
- Are psychological assessments robust enough for patients?
- What is appropriate and effective marketing in the healthcare sector?
- New EU Standards – what consequences for UK?
- Cosmetic Surgery and the Media
- Who should be injecting?

CCR Expo’s survey ( had previously revealed that well over two thirds (68%) of medical professionals supported the reclassification of fillers as medicines, which the report has agreed with. A staggering majority (85%) believed that the current system of ‘self-regulation’ wasn’t robust enough to protect the public.


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